Wearbrims FAQ


Where is my order?

Once your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number in your shipping confirmation email. Click the link in your email to check your order’s status or if you have questions about tracking your order email us at orders@wearbrims.com

Can I cancel or make changes to my order once it’s placed?

Our team strives to fulfill orders as soon as they’re placed, so please note that we will do our best to accommodate your request but it’s not always possible. Please email info@wearbrims.com immediately using the Subject: "URGENT SHIPPING CHANGE" and include your order number and shipping change in the body of the email.

Why isn't my promo code working? 

There could be a couple of reasons why a promo code isn't working. We recommend making sure there is only one code entered at checkout. Our system doesn't allow promo codes to be combined. Also double check that the code isn't expired. If it still isn't working please email us at info@wearbrims.com and we'll look into it for you. 

What is a pre-order and when will my order ship?

We offer most of our items for sale before they actually arrive. When you pre-order these items, we’ll ship them out 5-7 business days after they become available at our warehouse.

You can tell if you’re purchasing an item that is a preorder item on both the product page and at checkout. Once you’ve placed your order, you can double-check our estimated restock date on the product page, and we’ll make sure to send you a shipping confirmation email once the item leaves our warehouse.

If a pre-order item is included in my order, when will they ship?

Please note if your order contains both in-stock and pre-order items, we will ship the in-stock item first and then the pre-order items once it arrives to our warehouse. 

I think my package is lost or stolen?

If you think your package is lost or stolen please contact the carrier provided in your tracking email or your local post office with your tracking details. Customer Service will do everything possible to assist you in recovering your package but please keep in mind Wearbrims is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

My hat arrived and it's damaged.

We would be more than happy to replace the hat for you. If your hat has been damaged during the shipping process or if you're not 100% satisfied once it arrives, please email us at info@wearbrims.com with pictures of the damages with a brief description. 

How do I care for my hat?

Your hat will last a long time if properly cared for. Some best practices include the occasional "soft brush" to remove dust and debris, picking up your hat by the brim and not the crown, and hanging your hat instead of laying it flat. 

Can wool felt hats get wet?

Do what you can to keep moisture off of your hat. Wet hats often change shape slightly when they dry. For this reason, it is best to hang a hat to dry rather than lay it flat. There are several treatments available for waterproofing your hat.

How do I fix misshapen hats?

There are multiple ways you can steam out the scrunch, the crunch or anything in between including using an industrial steamer, a handheld steamer you can get from Target or Walmart, boiling a pot of water at home or even throwing it in the bathroom to steam while you shower.