Our shared values were instilled in us by our families. Family is at the heart of what we do, and anyone who purchases or engages becomes a part of The Brims Family.

We are more than the Brims we sell. We deliver a handcrafted, American-made experience blending fashion elements from the North & South. We help create confidence in our Brims Family that expands even after they take the brim off. Those who have purchased a Brim, or come to any of our events know that it is more than just a hat. We are crafting a lifestyle that has no limits - a lifestyle accessible to anyone: from college students to grandparents to celebrity influencers. Our Brims represent a
timeless style that will last long after we are gone. 

Each individual is the curator of their own distinct fashion. Our Brims are a tool to help execute that fashion and expand beyond any one specific type of style. We understand the importance of having a personal style and create brims that instill an unapologetic confidence in the wearer to express their trust. best selves.

How it works

For a limited time, WearBrims will be offering monthly releases of our most raw and unique BRIMS. Members of the Brims Family get first dibs, and a 10% discount if they purchase on preorder.  If you’re not a member of the Brims Family, please sign up to receive access to our limited releases.

Once the pre order period is closed. We will ship out all pre orders within 3-4 weeks of placing your handmade brim. 

All of our brims are made with intention and HANDMADE IN AMERICA

The Logo

Many people may ask what does the red feather


The symbol for the brand started with the energy and love from one person that motivates our Co-Founder Archie Clay III – his grandmother. Rosetta Clay nurtured and encouraged him as a loving grandmother. Though she died a few years ago from breast cancer, her spirit leaves on through our brand BRIMS. Her favorite bird was the Red Robin. So our team chose to incorporate the red feather, with a hint of pink, as the single image in our logo. It is our way of honoring Archie's grandmother for motivating him on having the strength and resiliency to start this company.

To Rosetta!