BRIMS is a brand that represents the beginning of a journey. Journey of 2 men bonded in brotherhood seeking a way to express their individuality in a modern way, while paying homage to the classic style.

Brims was founded by two college educated young men by the name of Tajh Crutch and Archie Clay III. These young men have been the face of fashion in their own eyes since birth. They have always wanted and dream of being designers of their own brand and introducing it to the world. 

The BRIMS brand is dedicated to providing a high quality, handcrafted experience that allows the wearer to create and assert his or her own POV of fashion.  Whether in a suit or casual wear, the BRIMS man or woman can fit in to any space while still standing out. We don’t need 15 styles to win; it is the individual wearing BRIMS that makes the collection limitless.