Black Menswear x Wear Brims

In an ongoing attempt to impact/shift public consciousness on matters of race, fashion has served as a powerful conduit to communicate powerful messages of worthiness. Our forefathers understood this sentiment early on: what you wear is a statement.Recognizing that there is an ongoing attempt to denigrate the black image, Black Menswear & Wear Brims decided to come together to perpetuate the narrative further that Black Is Beautiful. Together they have decided to carry  the torch of some of the purveyors of black excellence, namely King, X, Lewis, Seale, Newton, who all  understood that dignity is commensurate with appearance.  


This collaboration between Black Menswear x Wear Brims is more than a hat. It’s a continuation of the conversation that started centuries ago. It’s a statement, echoed in the same tone as “I Am A Man,” “I Have A Dream,” or “By Any Means Necessary.” It’s a realization that it’s never been about belonging, but that we’ve always been good in our own right.