Milliner Games Collection

Milliner Games” is inspired by the 1996 Olympics, the 2016 founding of WEARBRIMS, and the place they have in common - Atlanta. The collection was created to embody the culture and heart of the city, and what it means to us, our brand, and those connected to it.

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Black Graduation Cap

The Graduation Cap was inspired by the lyricist and mogul, Jay-Z. These lyrics resonated with us and eloquently described our journey with WearBrims. Our 'school of Hard Knocks' was us starting our brand from scratch, getting told "no" a lot, spending a lot of money perfecting our craft, and a couple of low moments.

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The Brims Store

Faith. Family. Confidence

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The Brims Story

Our vision is to create a world where low self-esteem is a thing of the past and confidence is the wave of the future, all while leading the charge in expansive diversity in luxury retail.

I love the quality of this hat. It looks exactly like it does in the pictures. The material doesn't feel cheap of flimsy at all. Definitely an eye catcher. I also love that it comes with a dust bag.


Well made hat, I’ve been waiting for more styles in XXL to accommodate those of us that rock protective styles such as braids & wig/weaves. This did not disappoint. Amazing Hat!!!


The attention to detail, the craftsmanship is excellent, and the gold feather pin was a nice addition. The personal note that outlined the vision of y’all company solidified my purchase.

Avon B